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About me:

Resume and Portfolio

I have long had an interest in science, computers, and technology. Combining this with my vivid imagination has resulted in some wild ideas for fantasy and scifi stories. Keep an eye on this site for I hope to publish these works sometime, though knowing how the industry moves like a slug I would estimate at least a year before you hear of anything definite. My first novel, Upon the Wings of Dragons, is nearly through the final editing run before I start shopping for agents. Wish me luck in this long, arduous search.

I am an avid model railroader. I belong to the Rockville Model Railroad Society. I also run a photo archive of the former layout of the Gaithersburg Model Railroad Society before it joined with Maryland Central Model Rail Road to form the Rockville club. Lastly, I was a member for two years of the RPI Model Railroad Society.

I have been involved with Tread Marks since 1999 and was briefly employed by Longbow Digital Arts in support of Tread Marks from 2000-2001. I have run my own website for modifications downloads of Tread Marks since early 2000.

I also dabble in 3d renders. Some of my works can be seen here. All of my work has been done using the freeware Blender application.