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7-25-08: Having finally gotten fed up with my host's overzealous email filtering and regular downtime, I've moved to a new host. Some things might not be working right immediately, but everything should be back to normal within the week.

Site update

12-31-07: I wanted to give some updates on my novel projects. I know it has been a while. After about a year hiatus, I have returned to working on Heretic: Ascendant and am currently working on rewriting some parts that didn't flow well. I am also considering adding a large portion in the middle of the book to provide more insight into the heretic history and add some elements that will affect the sequel to this story, items that were in the backstory but need hints dropped in the novel to set up stuff in future books.

I have spent most of the last year developing (and resolving issues with) the backstory which were causing me trouble in later books, specifically with discrepancies between the backstory and how the events in the books unfolded. Now that I have straitened these out, and decided how I want to handle some character issues in the 2nd act of the novel, I am returning to editing in full force. My hope is to finish the novel within 6-9 months and begin looking for an agent. My target words are 100,000 to 125,000 with the additions mentioned. I am currently around 90,000 words (or about 380 pages).

I also wanted to mention that all maps for the novel have been designed by me. I have spent the last year creating and expanding a hemisphere map of the world of Screthron, including many other civilizations that we may never encounter. With this as a reference, it allows better understanding of the backstory I have written, providing a kenetic awareness of societal interations.

I think the largest challenge to building this novel has been keeping character interactions realistic; the largest enjoyment has been creating the world where the people live. I continue expanding the backstory as I write. Currently it goes back (albiet in jumps) over a thousand years. There is much still to fill in, especially relating to cities and their specific histories, but I am doing that as we encounter the city. Much resides in my mind that has yet to be written down. If only I had the time!

Also, check out the gallery: I have added some new work-in-progress renders of the warship I'm designing. It is slowly coming along (I have been building the ship for over two years now). Now I need to do the belly of the beast.

Finally, as a note, the contact email addresses have been changed due to spam.

Site issues

6-19-05: The server my site was hosted on crashed the other day. Some sections of the site may not yet be operational. Please bear with us as we slowly restore the site's sections.

New Feature

I have activated a new feature to this site: A photo gallery. Currently all that is available are model railroading photos. Expect more photos to appear over time.

Site online

This site is now online. I'll be getting more expansive content here eventually, until then please visit my other websites:
Tread Marks Modifications Database
Rockville Model Railroad Society: Photo Archive
3D Renders Site

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